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OneSmile helps doctors achieve great clinical results whilst growing an efficient practice and increasing profit per patient.

The OneSmile Solution delivers advanced clear aligner treatment planning from the world’s most advanced specialist orthodontists, best practice manufacturing, materials, consumables and the inclusion of Dental Monitoring AI technology in all case types.


Multi-step Treatment Planning Optimisation (TPO) process

  1. Comprehensive diagnosis of the malocclusion based on a review of all submitted records
  2. Custom orthodontic treatment plan and smile design to resolve the patient's chief complaint and achieve your primary treatment goals
  3. A virtual setup that incorporates the treatment plan is then optimised to achieve a predictable and stable result while eliminating unnecessary movements and attachments.
  4. Clincheck & patient animation tools on demand to drive patient conversions


Dental Monitoring remote AI monitoring in every OneSmile case

Dental Monitoring's AI system tracks 130+ oral conditions, including oral hygiene and treatment progress detection. Improved your time efficiency by knowing when to recall your patients. Increase patient compliance automated reminders and close monitoring of patients anytime and anywhere.


Specialist Treatment Planning

Our team of Specialist Clear Aligner Orthodontists based in Europe, the USA and Australia, have over 2 decades of experience creating comprehensive clear aligner treatment plans, with a track record of successfully treating over 500,000 cases to date.


Become a OneSmile Partner

No lengthy training courses. Start your patients OneSmile treatment today.


Complete Treatment

Everything your patient needs to start treatment is inside the OneSmile Starter Kit that is delivered to your clinic so you can recall patient for their attachments and first aligner fit appointment

OneSmile Solution Treatment Options

The OneSmile Solution can treat a full range of malocclusion conditions from minor tooth movement, to broad/complex cases including mixed dentition.

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